You’ve always wanted to write a book … haven’t you?

Author Launch Is Your Guide To Writing A Book In Less Than A Year.

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Become An Author This Year

You have a life-story that seems too out-of-the-ordinary not to recount. You’ve learned a tough lesson you want to teach to others. You are an expert at something people need to know. People have said to you, “you should write a book someday!”

The problem is you’ve tried. You started and stopped. You’ve failed.

Here’s the thing. You haven’t failed because you are a failure. You’ve failed because you didn’t realize writing a book wasn’t something you could do by yourself. At Author Launch, we understand this dilemma. We’ve been there. We’ve all tried to write books by ourselves and we failed, too.

That’s because writing a book is not a solitary activity. It's a group effort.

That’s why we’ve created this course.

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What You’ll Learn From Our Four Semester Course

You’ll learn how to take a good idea and make it a great one. You’ll learn to silence your inner critic. You’ll learn editing techniques that will push your book beyond your current writing ability. Finally, you’ll learn all the details of marketing, packaging and launching a book.

How It Works

Author launch is a 46-week video course designed to walk you through the process of writing a book, step by step. The goal is simple. At the beginning, you have no book. One year later, you have a book—all because you engaged in the community, completed the assignments we gave you and finally had the support you needed to make this book a reality.

Our Authors

We have gathered some of the smartest authors we know to help you write your book.

Course Offerings

We have created three options. Pick the one best for you!

Course Registration Ends January 31, 2015

What Others Are Saying

Donald Miller

Looking back on my life, I wish I would have had Author Launch when I was writing my first book. I wish I would have had somebody every week, emailing me a video to inspire me and encourage me and just help me take the next step. I would have saved hours of time and thousands of dollars if only I’d had a resource like this back then.